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About Andrés Paredes

By Norberto Frigerio

Arte al día Magazine, ArteBA 2007

Born in the heart of the Jesuitical missions, an heir to an art close to Asian origami, with his insolent 27 years of age, Andrés Paredes dazzles with his capacity to create a universe where infinite images cross and compete.


With an almost Islamic esthetic, his art is subtle, mysterious and full of an overtone that shows overlapping cultures: Spanish, indigenous and the knowledge of ancestral craftsmanship.


Intricate jungles, abundant forests, soft petals, mysterious thickets that build a dreamy message where shadows, which in turn project this almost transparent weaving, add a new dimension that also summons -like a one way invitation- the counterpoint of a fabulous chiaroscuro, where imagination has no limits.


Paredes expresses the voice from the country’s interior with a power given to him by the red of his native land, with its large waterfalls and intense greens that never change their liveliness.


We welcome artists that make us think in an Argentina that never stops exhibiting such geniuses, especially in the specific case of someone born in the Misiones’ town of Apóstoles. Let us pay attention to this information, as maybe his word on the fine arts has the depth, the virtue and the values of a gospel immersed in the process of creation. Let it be so.

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