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The new contemporary reading of the Paraná rainforest in Misiones and the depiction of its universes conform the main imagery and core concept of my work.
I choose insects that undergo great transformations such as butterflies, cicadas and dragonflies, on which I set the great metaphor of the transformation every human being aspires to, i.e., the wish to redefine ourselves and to be able to change. In my career, I have used these concepts in several exhibitions and installations. 
At present, I am doing research on my personal archaeology and genealogy, taking my childhood memories and transforming them into great participative installations that involve all the senses.  
I am interested in working with spaces that promote personal introspection and generate new landscapes with elements from the landscape itself. 



Andres Paredes (Apóstoles, Misiones, 1979) is an Argentine visual artist and designer who graduated from the School of Arts of the National University of Misiones. He has participated in several work analysis clinics with artists and art critics. 
In 2018, he participated in the installation Eternity by Maurizio Cattelan during the Buenos Aires Art Basel Cities and was awarded with the contest first prize in the shape and composition category. He was one of the 10 artists that were selected to participate in the Activity: Creativity during Early Childhood, during the 2018 G20 Meeting in Buenos Aires.

He made two individual exhibitions: Eternal Springs at the Samara Gallery in Houston and El interior del paisaje (The Landscape Inside) at the Estevez Museum in Rosario, Province of Santa Fé.  
In 2017, he participated in The Latin American Experience, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston¸ and held two individual exhibitions in the City of Buenos Aires - Mutatis Mutandis & Memento Morí – where he explored the vanitas typology, and Artifice where he once again dealt with the topics of nature and beauty as a promise of happiness. In 2016, he represented the Province of Misiones at the exhibitions that were organized by the CFI as part of the celebrations of 200 years of Argentine independence in San Miguel de Tucumán, and presented Paisaje: el devenir de una Idea (Landscape: The Evolution of an Idea) at the CCK, curated by Ana María Battistozzi and Gabriela Urtiaga. He also participated in Pinta Miami. In 2015, he was responsible for the setting of the International Symphonic Orchestras Festival  Iguazú in Concert and performed an art intervention with iron fretworked butterflies along Florida Street, the main pedestrian street in Buenos Aires.  

His exhibition Migrants and Memories of the Earth with No Evil were shown at the UCA Fine Arts Pavilion, at the ECO Museum of Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil, and at the FAyD Museum in Oberá, Misiones, as well as at the international Hong Kong Art Fair and Beirut Art Fair in the Lebanon. The installation called Memorious Mud was exhibited at the Recoleta Cultural Center (selection) and the Contemporary Expression Center during the Rosario 11 Week of Art, in the Province of Santa Fé In 2013, he presented his individual exhibition Exuvia at the Areco Museum in Posadas, Misiones, and at the Museum of Fine Arts René Brusau in the city of Resistencia, Chaco. Also in 2013, he presented the individual exhibition Gurí (Child) at the Palatina Gallery in Buenos Aires and the following year he presented an urban intervention – Eternal Orchid- in Montecarlo. In 2011, he participated in the Third Biennial of the End of the World (Ushuaia, Argentina), curated by Ana Martinez Quijano and Consuelo Ciscar.

His works have been incorporated to private collections both in Argentina and several foreign countries.
He lives and works between Misiones and Buenos Aires (Argentina), with one workshop in Apóstoles and another one in the Art District in La Boca.

Individual Exhibitions



-Eternal Spring, Samara Gallery, Houston USA.


- Mutatis mutandis & Memento mori, Ungallery, Buenos Aires Argentina
- The Latin American Experience, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, U.S.A.


- Seasonal Sprout, La Onion, Buenos Aires.


- Memorious Mud, Curator: Roberto Echen. Recoleta Cultural Center  Buenos Aires, and CEC Rosario.
- Memories of the Earth with No Evil, UCA Fine Arts Pavilion, Buenos Aires.
- Memories of the Earth with No Evil, Ecomuseu, Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil.
- Hong kong Art fair, Beirut art fair, Lebanon.
- The Jungle Shadow, Artespacio, San Isidro, Buenos Aires
- Change Butterflies, Curators: Gabriela Urtiaga, Ana Martinez Quijano. Florida Cultural Circuit, Buenos Aires.


- Migrants, Curator: Alicia Menises, Art and Design School Museum, Oberá, Misiones.
Rene Bruseau Museum, Resistencia, Chaco.


- Gurí, Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.
- Exuvia, Curator: Alicia Menises.  Lucas Braulio Areco Museum, Posadas, Misiones.


- Urges, Raúl Delavy Cultural Center, Apóstoles, Misiones /
Knowledge Center, Posadas, Misiones.

-  Eternal Orchid, Juan Vortisch Provincial Park, Montecarlo, Misiones.


- Entanglements, Monet Plaza Art Gallery, Santa María, Brazil.
- Eternal Spring, Azcue Space, Buenos Aires.
- Intrincate, Radio Libertad Art Space, Resistencia, Chaco.
- Little Lung, Poste del Rojas Gallery, Rojas Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

- Entanglements, Bajada Vieja, Posadas, Misiones.

Collective Exhibitions 


- Lille ART UP contemporary Art Fair, Galeria Loui´s Dimension, Lille, Francia.

- A Click into the nature, Zita, maison d'art, Bruselas, Belgica.

- The six o clock Tea, Palacio Picaluga, Buenos Aires.


- ART&SWAP, Polo cultural 
Saldías, Buenos Aires

-FACA, Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires

- Art Marbella, Marbella, Spain

 Diagonal Sur, Argentine Art Today, Curator: Phillippe Cirulnyk.  Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.
- 200 Years since Argentine Independence, representing Misiones at CFI San Miguel de Tucumán.
- 200 Years - Present, Past and Future, Landscape: The Path of an Idea, Curator: Ana María Battistozzi. Kirchner Cultural Center, Buenos Aires
- National Identity, Marcos López (guest artist) Kirchner Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.
- 17 Annual Auction, Sivorí Museum, Buenos Aires.
- Zootopia, Curation: Básica TV. UV studios, Buenos Aires.
- Pinta Miami 2016, U.S.A.
- Beirut Art Fair, Lebanon.
- ArteBA, Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.

- Cumulus FNA, Curator: Roberto Echen.  National University of the North East Cultural Center, Corrientes | ACMI, Posadas, Misiones and MUBA Resistencia, Chaco.
.- The Transient, Castagnino Museum, Rosario, Santa Fé.
- Exuberant, Carlos Thays Botanic Garden, Buenos Aires.
- 16 Annual Auction, Sívori Museum, Buenos Aires.

- Hong Kong art Fair, China.
- Beirut Art Fair, Lebanon.
- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.


- Strength,  Elsi del Río Gallery, Buenos Aires.
- Paralizing Perfectionism, Curator: Daniel Fischer. Farrarons – Fenoglio Gallery, Bariloche, Río Negro.
- Celebration, CFI Federal Halls- Buenos Aires.
- Singapore Art Fair, Singapore.
- Beirut Art fair 2014, Lebanon.
- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.


- Itaú Cultural Award, (Selection) Usina de las Artes, Buenos Aires.
- Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon.
- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.


- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.

- Biennial at the End of the World. Curation: Consuelo Ciscar, Ana Martinez Quijano. Ushuaia.
- Versatile Break, Curator: Julio Sanchez. PROA Foundation, Buenos Aires.
- Happening, Posadas, Misiones.
- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.


- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.​


- Circular Project, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires.
- Uneven, Palatina Gallery- Buenos Aires.
- The Rojas. 20 Years of Visual Arts, Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.
- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.


- International Art Fair, Caracas, Venezuela.
- Misiones Paints Well, Juan Yaparí Museum, Posadas, Misiones.
- Argentina Paints Well, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires.

- ArteBA Palatina Gallery, Buenos Aires.


- Kissing Frogs, Curators: Laura Spivak, Lucrecia Urbano. Borges Cultural Center, Buenos Aires
- Pinta Artfair, New york, EE. UU.
- ArteBA Fair, Palatina Gallery


- The Altered Beauty, Curator: Ana Martinez Quijano. Agalma Gallery, Buenos Aires.
- Berkwnwald-Comba-Gonzalez-Paredes, Curator: Rosa Manquillan. Palatina Gallery - Buenos Aires
- Peripheral, Borges Cultural Center - Buenos Aires


- Confluences, Mac UNa, Posadas, Misiones
- Cultural Chandon (Selection) Timoteo Navarro Museum, S. Miguel de Tucumán.
- ArteBA Fair, Alto Paraná Space (Selection)


- Alto Paraná Visual Arts Program, MMBA Lucas Braulio Areco, Posadas.

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