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cúpulas memento mori
cupula memento mori
cupula memento mori
punta de la cupula
detalle de cúpula
vista superior de las cúpulas
detalle de cúpulas
detalle de chicharra
obra sin la cúpula
detalle de obra sin cúpula
vista de la sala
vista de la sala
vista las cúpulas iluminadas
detalle de las obras
obra con calavera
detalle memento mori
detalle cráneo
detalle de cúpulas de vidrio
memento mori
Memento mori

Year: 2017

Ungallery, Buenos Aires

Mutatis Mutandos & Memento Mori were two parts of the same exhibition. The second part -Memento Mori- redeems the Vanitas motif and chiaroscuros. Models consisting of mud and quartz, amethysts and agates, with hundreds of desiccated butterflies. Reflection on the temporality and ephemeral quality of existence.

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