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By Alicia Menises
Curatorial Text, FAyD Museum Oberá Misiones / MUBA Resistencia Chaco, 2014

To be a Migrant is an inherent condition of human beings, it implies movement and decision making it entails a longing for a change that will ensure the continuation of life. The possibility of change, contain premises such us election adaptation, assimilation or transformation, all of them understood as ways of travelling across into a different possible.

Individually or in a collective way the process of change is a subject I have developed in my last works, which I presented in the exhibitions Guri (in Buenos Aires) and Exuvia in Posadas (Misiones). In those exhibitions, I reach, through a personal vision, towards nature and more precisely insects _ butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas in them I land the great metaphor of migration and transformation,

For this Solo Exhibition I propose a poetical inspection of a life experience and a selvatic environment of the region of Misiones, my hometown.

I show over-dimensioned butterflies that overfly the space from different heights.

At the same time there is a dialogue between the butterflies and the carved papers, the papers are hanged as paintings from the walls and they are done with an “Scherenschnitt” (which in German means cut with scissors) technique.

A technique I learned from Barbara Kiener at the Faculty of Arts of Obera (Misiones), which is the argentine national capital of Migrants.

It is a traditional technic from Germany and Switzerland, which gave me the possibility of creating my own visual language and the possibility of expanding it into a third dimension surpassing other materials.  Turning it into a singular expression that reveals the thickness and the shaded area of the natural environment: it is the outcome of an internal experience inherent from my childhood.

My own language and works that evoke a daily vital experience and a past one:  it is the result of the endless layers of feeling that construct memory. That of those who had the will to migrate.

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