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Windows looking to an urban garden and cast bronze butterflies together in an exhibition. 

Fretworked Papers

Different series and lines of work. The organic line as the driver of the drawings is explored in all the works.

Mutatis mutandis

Speaks about the changes that needed to be made, relating insect mutations with our own possibility to redefine ourselves.

Florida Butterfly

The iron fretworked butterflies depict native species of the city of Buenos Aires.

Seasonal sprouts

The Seasonal Sprouts have the strength of Nature’s drives. Exhibited at La Onion Buenos Aires.


there is a great animal skin left with holes through which the curious viewer can peep at the installation.

Dark Butterfly

Built for the III Biennial of the End of the World in Ushuaia, the exhibition depicts a Caligo Butterfly hovering in the air.


Organized at the Delavy Cultural Center in Apostoles, province of Misiones, and at the Posadas Center of Knowledge.


Exhibition at the Palatina Gallery in Buenos Aires. Paper and MDF fretwork.


Four linked faces tried to carry some of the Misiones jungle spirit

Value paper

Valuable paper that attempts to recover the value added that papers had for a short time by once again.


Participation in different Art Fairs.

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Memorius mud

Multi-sensorial and participative mud work that creates landscapes that evoke the archaeology of memories.


Light boxes with jungle environments made of MDF and handmade paper fretworks.

Memento mori

Reflection on the temporality and ephemeral quality of existence.


Giant Monarch butterflies hovering in the air in fretworked jungle environments.


For this exhibition, I was inspired by the backyard and my father’s medical office in the same house.

One year Below earth

A series of 3 cicades sculptures made in painted epoxy, the works are complemented with a sound installation system.


15 A giant dragonfly floating in the air in the space that connects two floors at the PROA Foundation.

Eternal Orchid

The petals were set at different heights that represent the jungle strata where most epiphyte species grow.

40 days

Stories told in paper fretwork, chronicles of 40 days, Borges Cultural Center.


4 linked faces give the surrounding effect of the jungle. Hollow trunks that maintain the jungle essence.

Art in the Neighborhoods

From August to November, 2017, I participated in the Arte en Barrios (Art in the Neighborhoods)


Staging, settings and interior design.

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